Global Property Developers Corporation (Global) is committed and focused on providing clients with a collection of talented representatives to deliver success. Delivering success requires the Global team to address the issues of development complexities individually as well as collectively.  Global’s personnel provide extensive experience with the coordination of the technical needs of real estate development including planning, development, finance,design, construction, and management.  The strategic vision and experience to deliver our real estate programs come from decades of dedication and hands on experience.  Together with the equity team,Global provides individual and relentless positive attention to the detail.  Our goal is to provide each project with an enduring legacy of creativity, class, quality and value.  An old Navy phrase applies to each development program at Global, “what gets measured, gets done.” 

Global as an entity is actively open to review new opportunities. Global works within many structures to create successful development and provide.  Global self develops as its own equity principal, works in joint venture with land or equity teams and provides project fee only services as the team’s owner project manager, (OPM).  Our analysis of assets and flexible thinking has opened opportunities to create wealth across New England.  We appreciate your interest in the firm and hope to work. 

Established in 2004 by Stephen Callahan, Global is the result of the restructuring of an organization with heritage to1954.  The firm was created to focus on the real estate development segment of the industry.  Global’s founder Stephen Callahan was a principal with John T. Callahan and Sons prior to this reorganization. The firm’s second generation growth included property development not only in New England but in Florida and the Southeast. Together with his4 brothers, the firms functions were formalized and reorganized, with John Callahan forming JTC III and moving into Florida offices, Pat, Tim and Mike reorganizing under the moniker Callahan Inc. and Steve dedicating his collective time to Global here in the New England Region.